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Methods we use

Matrix will closely work and consult with you to devise the optimum combination of technology and methodologies to maximise quality and efficiency in delivering your data requirements.

Video Recording Units

With over 200 specialized video units, Matrix' industry-leading adoption and application of vedeo technology means traffic surveying of unbeatable quality. The use of videos for traffic surveying offers a number of nenefits, including:
  • Quality
  • Accountability
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Safety

Automatic Traffic Counters (ATC's)

Matrix specialises in automatic counting technology to undertake traffic surveys. ATC's are the most effective method in collecting mid-block traffic data, but can also be deplayed for numerous other uses, including parking and speed surveys. We use state-of-the art MetroCount 5600 data loggers to record data on various constructs including:
  • Speed direction classification volume GAP


GPS systems are primarily used to track and measure vehicle speed and movements for travel time surveys, however they are also used to identify data collection points. Data is collected every second allowing for detailed analysis for travel time routes. Matrix also has the capability to add delay codes to the GPS data allowing clients to access another level of information. Delay codes specific to your traffic / transport study can be incorporated. GPS technology can be applied to both private vehicle and public trasport surveys. Video GPS units can be deplayed to collect both video and GPS data.

Traffic Noise Monitoring

We have the ability to provide traffic noise data collection and presentation for your noise reporting requirements. The collection of noise data can occur simultaneously with traffic volume collection via automatic traffic counters. You then have the option for noise data to be presented together with traffic volumes to assist with noise reports, if required. All noise loggers used by Matrix meet requirements stipulated by relevant State Authorities. The loggers used are Type 2 Environmental Noise loggers compliant with relevant Australia Standars and are NATA Calibrated.

Skilled Survey Personnel

Matrix is the industry leader with its embracement and use of cutting edge technology, though we are determined to only use it if it increses the quality or efficiency of the survey. Sometimes manual surveyors are still the best option. We have seembled a highly skilled and experienced survey team. Project managers, survey supervisors and analysis mangers have over 25 years experience in the planning and implementation of traffic surveys, who lead and train a team of skilled manual surveyors.

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