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Recent projects

Sydney Gateways Traffic Surveys

Sydney, Australia
This survey involved the study of the traffic levels around Sydney Airport and the surrounding suburbs from Rockdale to Erskinville and Mascot. It included 55 intersection counts at both major and minor intersections as well as a number of mid-block traffic counts along the major routes. An integral part of this survey was also the carrying out of travel time surveys over several days in both directions of the major routes.

WRTM Tranche B ATC's

Sydney, Australia
Large scale traffic survey requiring 65 ATC loggers and specialist cameras to be installed on complex road networks in Northern Sydney. Implementation of Road Occupancy Licences, multiple field teams and specialised traffic management plans all combine as a successful logistical feat in survey execution.

Lane Cove Tunnel Traffic Surveys

Sydney, Australia
This survey involved over 140 intersection counts in and around the Lane Cove Tunnel corridor. In addition queue lengths were measured at critical intersection approaches. Travel time surveys were carried out along major routes over a 5 day period. GPS equipment was use to record and present the travel time data.

North South Bypass Tunnel

Brisbane, Australia
Intersection counts and travel time surveys were carried out along the proposed North South Bypass Tunnel project corridor.

Sunshine Rail Corridor Transport Surveys

Melbourne Australia
This project involved various data collection methodologies, included:
  • Platform boarding and alighting counts at a all train stations along the Bendigo and Ballarat train lines (both Vline and Connex).
  • 5 minute on-board/on platform interviews
  • Detailed stated preference home interviews
  • 10 focus groups

Coventry Origin Destination Survey

Coventry, England
In 2004 Martin Prowse organized a number plate survey in Coventry. The number plates of vehicle using the Coventry Ring Road were recorded during a 12 hour survey. Number plates were also recorded in major parking locations within the city centre. The number plates were matched to produce matrix of vehicle movements through the town centre.

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