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Matrix specialises in manual, video and automatic traffic counters (ATC's).
The company is a full service traffic survey firm offering a complete range of quantitative and qualitative services across consumer, business and specialist markets. Field and data processing operations are conducted "in-house" to ensure the highest standards of quality and control.
The range of services provided by Matrix includes :
  • Intersection Counts »
  • Origin-Destination Surveys »
  • Automatic Traffic Counters (ATC's - Tube surveys) »
  • Travel Time Surveys - GPS »
  • Parking Surveys »
  • Pedestrian Surveys
  • Speed Surveys
  • Vehicle Occupancy Surveys
  • Queue Length Surveys
  • Public Transport Surveys
  • Trip Generation Surveys
  • Market Research
  • Roadside Interview Surveys
  • Bluetooth Surveys
  • Noise Monitoring Surveys

Intersection Counts

From small T-junctions to complex roundabouts, we can record turning movements and provide you with a functional data report. Analysis can be customised to meet your specific requirements.
This includes peak hour summaries, visual diagrams showing vehicle movements and classifications by vehicle type. Matrix' video capture system allows clients to access a video copy of the survey. Videos can be provided on DVD, hard drive or available to download online.

Origin-Destination Surveys (Number Plate Surveys)

Matrix uses customised cameras to capture and collect number plate data for as long as 48 hours. Using the video collection method eliminates the need to expose manual surveyors next to high volume roads.
The video is time stamped to show the time, number plate and vehicle type. Both, trip and time matrices, are produced in tabular and graphical formats to show vehicle movements throughout the survey area. Surveys range from small LATM studies to large network studies. Matrix has over 200 cameras specific for number plate surveys.

Automatic Traffic counts (Tube Surveys)

The most effective way to collect mid-block vehicle data is via automatic traffic counters. Pneumatic tubes are installed on the survey road and connected to loggers to capture classificatijon, speed and volume data by direction. Each vehicle is logged individually which allows extensive analysis of the data. We use Metrocount loggers which can classify into Austroads classification bins as well as other classification schemes.

Travel Time Surveys

We capture travel time data through GPS recording units. The GPS equipment can record the position of the travelling vehicle for every second. The extracted data is presented in excel spreadsheets along with summary data. The GPS loggers allow for detailed data to be extracted for any section along the travel time route. This is a cost efficient survey methodology, as only one person is required per survey vehicle. The methodology provides high quality data that can be checked and verified right after the completion of the survey.

Parking Surveys

Matrix has extensive experience in carrying out comprehensive parking inventory, detailing parking capacity and parking restrictions for the survey area. We have completed a range of parking surveys, from small off street car parks to complete suburb parking surveys. The data can be collected by regular interval counts to produce occupancy and capacity data by parking zone. Parking "duration of stay" data can be collected by recording number plates of parked vehicles at regular time intervals. We sork with you to design the appropriate survey methodology for your specific data requirements.

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